Current Research


  1. “Corporate Social Responsibility under Imperfect Oversight,” with Hua Fang Liu and David T. Robinson, February 2021. NEW VERSION COMING SOON

  2. “When Less is More: Information and the Financing on Innovation,” with John Ries, November 2021. NEW VERSION

  3. “Does Managerial Human Capital Shape Firm Growth?” with Hua Fang Liu, July 2022.

  4. “A Theory of Information Diffusion in Organizations,” August 2021.


  1. "Nothing but the Truth? Corporate Social Responsibility under Imperfect Signal Observability," with Hua Fang Liu and David T. Robinson, close to completion.

  2. “Family Firms, Managerial Talent, and Agency Costs,” with Pascal Courty, in progress.

  3. “Informational Frictions and the Impact of Competition on Innovation,” with John Ries, in progress.

  4. “Product Market Competition, Collective Bargaining, and Employee Compensation,” with Jen Baggs and Jing Liang, in progress.

  5. “Who ‘Pays’ for Corporate Social Responsibility?” with David T. Robinson, preliminary.

  6. “The Political Economy of Public-Private Partnerships,” with Thomas W. Ross, preliminary.